2023 Spring Flower Show Results

Brightwater Horticultural Society Spring 2023 Results

Held 16th September 2023 at the Brightwater Hall

Mike Smith Split Corona seedling MBS 15/13b 11a ww
Mike Smith

Show Champion Runner-Up
Archie Boy 2yr
Leah Harvey

Amateur Champion
Archie Boy 2yr
Leah Harvey

Amateur Runner-Up
Cape Farewell 4wr
Leah Harvey

School Children Section
Champion Bloom 
An Unknown 2w.wo
Erin Shirtliff- Cropp
First Time Entrant
A vase of Earlycheer 4wy
Kelvin and Helen Banks 

Premier Daffodils

1yy Rototuna Gold Mike Smith.
1ww Mt Crusader Mike Smith.
2yy MBS 54/13b Mike Smith.
2yw Luminosity Mike Smith.
2yo-r Jamore Arch Crerar.
2ww MBS 13/12a Mike Smith.
3yy Kapiti Glow Mike Smith.
4y Ballistic Mike Smith.
6w Trena Mike Smith.
Div 8 Harpswell Mike Smith.
Div 10 Unknown Bulbocodium Sharon Tailby.
Div 11y MBS 26/14a Mike Smith.
Div 11w MBS 15/13b Mike Smith.
Intermediate Daffodil under 80mm Unknown 1yp Cath Smart.

Result for Other Classes

Container Plants Most Points K and H Banks
Cut Flowers Most Points Marie Dalley
School Children Most Points
Year 1, 2, 3 Lily Shirtliff-Cropp
Year 4, 5, 6 Erin Shirtliff-Cropp
Intermediate Oliver Shirtliff
Camellias Most Points K and H Banks
Rhododendrons Most Points Jacqui Furness
Floral Art Best in Show Judy Everett

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