2019 Spring Show Report – By Mike Smith

A report Written by Mike Smith, regarding the last Spring Show of the Brightwater Horticultural Society.

Nelson Bays.

After a mild winter the early daffodils seemed smoother than usual.

During the year the area lost two great growers and showmen. Kevin Kerr and Neil McQuarrie both passed on to the garden above.

The Central Garden Group held an early spring show in Stoke on September the 7th there were 120 blooms staged. Arch Crerar took out champion daffodil with a very nice Impeccable.

On Saturday 21st September the Brightwater Horticultural Society held a one day spring show in the Brightwater Public Hall. The hall was open all day Friday for staging and the judging was done Friday night by Lane Spencer and Mike Smith. Once again the show was well supported by the Munro’s, Findlays and Lerwills all travelling over from Blenheim.

The champion of the show was a new Hunter registration named Emotion. The runner up to champion was Cosmic Ice both flowers exhibited by John and Marie Hunter. The Amature Champion Bloom was Elfin Dell shown by Lynda Lerwills with S and R Findlay taking out runner up with McQ J11 a very lovely 2w yo.

In the School Children’s classes Oliver Thiboleau had the champion bloom with Gold Lake.

As usual the hall was complimented with Floral Art, Homecraft, Container and cut flowers.

Results National Daffodil Society
Ribbon Class for six varieties, J@M Hunter 1st, W and J Munro 2nd.
The Dave Adams medal class for 12 varieties won by Arch Crerar.
The Trophy Class were supported by the Hunters and Munro’s with placing shared.
The Brightwater Daffodil Gold Lake Trophy was won by Mike Smith.

1yy Sulphur Monarch, S&R Findlay.
1yp Insignt W&J Munro.
1ww Cosmic Ice J&M Hunter.
1wp Zilch J & M Hunter.
2yy Wakamarina W & J Munro>
2yw Twilight Beauty S & R Findlay.
2yo/r JAH 46/90A J&M Hunter.
2ww White Sapphire J & M Hunter.
2wy Champeen Mike Smith.
2wp Emotion J & M Hunter.
2wo/r Crisis Point J & M Hunter.
3y Flash Dance J & M Hunter.
3w Hunterston J & M Hunter.
4y Armour Arch Crerar.
4w Ameeya S & R Findlay.
Div 5 JAH 44/92 J & M Hunter.
Div 6 Rapture S & R Findlay.
Div 7 JAH 81/98E J & M Hunter>
Div 8 Highfield Beauty W & J Munro.
Div 11 Trigonometry W & J Munro
Best seedling 2010/10D 3wyo W & J Munro.
Best Intermediate Elfin Dell Lynda Lerwills.
Champion Bloom Emotion J & M Hunter.

The flowering season slowed towards the end of September with some very nice late pinks and some British raised not flowering till early October.

Mike Smith, Nelson Area Representative

Other Results from the Spring Show

Display Classes   –  Annetta Hodges – most points

Cut Flowers  –  Bev Hodgkinson – most points

Cut Flowers  –  Fleur Ring – Premier, best in show

Camellias  –  Lorna Waide – Premier bloom

Container grown plants  –  Pauline Quayle – most points

Handcraft  –  Kathy Thibodeua – Premier

For all enquiries and to submit entries please email or phone the Brightwater Horticultural Society Secretary.

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