2018 Spring Show Report – By Mike Smith

A report Written by Mike Smith, regarding the last Spring Show of the Brightwater Horticultural Society.

On the 22nd and 23rd September, the Brightwater Horticultural Society held their Spring Show in the Brightwater Public Hall.

The Society has a new President Bob Neill and the Secretary Christine Squier is now also the Treasurer.

With Denise and Neil McQuarrie now living in Canterbury and John and Marie Hunter finding it harder to Show the quantity they once did we thought our Stem numbers would be down, but how wrong we were.

A big thankyou to Jude and Nelly Munro, Stewart Findlay and Lynda Lerwill who turned up from Blenheim with over 150 Blooms between them.

We welcomed to our area Don and Hazel Elder from Scotland, this was their third visit to our shows. Hazel and Lane Spence judged the Open classes with Marie Hunter Stewarding for them.

Mike Smith judged the Amateur and School Children Classes with our New President Bob getting a feel of the Show by Stewarding here.

There were over 300 Blooms entered in the Open classes and 150 Stems in the Amateur and School Children’s.  The Blooms in the Amateur classes were the best seen in these classes for some years.

For the first time we used a new entry system for each entry the exhibitor filled out a piece of paper with class, cultivar and Exhibition name on the bottom which is folded under until judged.

This paper was put under the vase with no need to write a variety name tag and pin it to the vase.  This saved the Show Secretary a lot of work and I think we all agreed it worked very well.  I was quite surprised there didn’t seem to be any problem with positioning of vases on the benches.  It all seemed to average out, sometimes your entry was up top and other times down lower.  With a good judge it shouldn’t matter whether your vase is at eye level or not.!

The Champion of the Show was Navigator with Runner up being a Hunter Seedling ZWP46/0ld. Both flowers were raised and exhibited by the Hunters. By the end of this flowering season John Hunter had been pollinating Daffodils for 70 Years. The proof of John’s effort is in his meticulous recording of crosses done. I must also mention Marie who can real off cross after cross from memory, and where they are presently growing in the beds, a feat on it’s own.

The Amateur Champion was a very fine Truculent shown by Stewart Findlay. This same flower had taken out the Blenheim Show a week before.  Stewart also had the Amateur runner up with Ameeya.

Children’s Champion Bloom was Polar Sky grown and shown by Oliver Thibodeau. Oliver also exhibited flowers in the Amateur classes winning the best Amateur 2 or 3 Y.O,R with a very smooth Bradbury Rings.

Elsewhere in the show the Waimea Floral Art group put on a lovely display with Ten entries.

The Homecraft and Handcraft were well represented and we saw the usual beautiful mix of cut flowers.  Container grown plants were scarse, but the School Children’s Classes excelled with 54 entries of Spring Flowers in Boots, Shoes, and Saucers or Teapots.

To complement the Show Eric Arnold put on a colourful display with his Orchids.


Premier Results
1YY Our Bruce  – Mike Smith
1YP 64/05A – J and M Hunter
1WW Cosmic Ice – J and M Hunter
1WY Southern Moon – J and M Hunter
1WP 43/00C – J and M Hunter
2YY Impeccable – Mike Smith
2YW Luminosity – J and M Hunter
2WP 46/old – J and M Hunter, Runner up to Champion
2YOR Navigator – J and M Hunter, Show Champion
2WW White Sapphire – J and M Hunter
2WOR Kiwi Happy Prince – Mike Smith
3YY Moonwalker – J and M Hunter
3WYR Polar Gift – J and M Hunter
4Y View Point – Arch Crerar
4W Cosmic Dawn – J and M Hunter
5   105/91E   5YY – J and M Hunter

7   66-89/94D   7YWW – J and M Hunter
8 Eurythmic 8WOY – J and M Hunter
9 Rondo – Mike Smith

10 NIL
11 Menehay  – Arch Crerar
Best Seedling  65/95a – J and M Hunter
Best Intermediate Elfin Glen – J and M Hunter

By the last day of September my flowering was complete. Last to flower a very nice Poet Cronkite. The earliest finish to a Season I’ve had in the 18 years I’ve been growing.

Mike Smith, Nelson Area Rep. for the National Daffodil Society of N.Z. inc.

For all enquiries and to submit entries please email or phone the Brightwater Horticultural Society Secretary.

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