How to Print the Summer Schedule pdf

Hi there members and potential entrants into the 2019 Brightwater Horticultural Society Summer Flower Show. This year to help you decide what classes you’d like to enter we’ve created a file for you to download and print.

On several of the pages on the website (Home, Summer Schedule, Spring Schedule and again at the bottom of this blog) you will see a blue button that reads ‘Download the 2019 Summer Schedule’
Clicking on this button will open a new website page displaying the schedule in black and white.


You must click the ‘Print’ graphic at the top right of your screen.. it looks like a printer.

Clicking this will bring up your printer dialogue window – this is where you can see how it will print, select a paper size, enlarge and choose how many copies you’d like etc.  then tell it to print.

The schedule has been designed to print on a standard A4 piece of paper both sides, but the text is very small.. It’s actually best printed double sided onto an A3 size piece of paper – that’s an enlargement of 141% or choosing ‘scale to fit’ should also work.

What if my printer doesn't print A3 size?

If your home printer can’t print A3, you may need to get a digital printing service to do this for you…

Download the pdf to your computer so that you can send it to your digital printing service via email. Click the ‘download’ graphic – thats the one that looks like an arrow with a line under it and sits to the left of the printer graphic.

Remember to request them to print black and white / double sided and enlarged to A3 size.

For all enquiries and to submit entries please email or phone the Brightwater Horticultural Society Secretary.

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